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Windchime Replacement Cards
Windchime Paper Cards
Our Price: $1.95

The paper prayer card dances in the wind while your chime makes sweet music! Without it, you chimes are pretty and silent.

They have long paper sails suspended from the clapper in the center of the bell. When giving furin as a gift, it is customary to write a small message on the paper sail.

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Japanese Windchimes Frogs
Japanese Windchimes Frogs
Our Price: $32.00

On the edge of the new moon enjoying the night skies and sweet music. One frog sits and enjoys the other play the flute. Made in Japan this solid cast-iron verdis green windchime is heavy and yet gently sways with the wind performing sweet music. Frogs are considered good luck and the kanji on the card that blows translates to a safe return home.

We have this one hanging towards the back of the patio and we often sit back there while our little one watches for falling stars and the frog windchimes entertain us.
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