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Red Pepper Chopstick Rests
Red Pepper Chopstick Rests
Our Price: $3.50

HOT! HOT! HOT! Red Chili Pepper Chopstick Rests. Great gift!

Nedd more than we are showing in the store? Email us for the quantity you need. We can fill your order.

Details: 2.5"
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Japanese Tsuru
Japanese Crane Chopsticks Rest
Our Price: $3.75

The chopstick rest called the Hashioki is a rest to lay your chopsticks on so as not to soil the tablecloth or keep them from getting soiled during the meal. A variety of designs and mediums are used and they in turn add a charm to an Asian style dinner setting for the holidays to delight guests. The charming realistic vegetable will be perfect for the Asian style dinner. Though they are called the Chopstick rests, they are also great for resting a knife as well as a fork.
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Chopstick Rests
Ceramic Fish Chopstick Rests
Our Price: $3.75

Chopstick rests create the finishing touch to any Asian meal. Dress up your table and make it easier for you to enjoy noodle dishes, rice dishes, and sushi at home. Chopstick rests are as beautiful as they are useful. Chopstick rests help to keep your chopsticks clean by keeping the tips elevated off the surface of your table. Plus they also make it easier to pick your chopsticks up again. Sold individually. Made in Japan.
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Frog Chopstick Rests
Frog on Lily Pad Chopstick Rests
Our Price: $4.50

We think this frog has eyes for you!! Our googley-eyed frog has had enough to eat. Rest your chopsticks while he rests. He even rolls his eyes around for you to prove it! Ahhhh! A full tummy for both you and the frog!

If the quantity you need isn't available plase email us with the quantity you need and we can fill the order.
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