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Dragonfly Chopticks
Dragonfly Chopsticks Set
Our Price: $24.00

5 pairs of Japanese wooden chopsticks adorned with gold and silver dragonflies. Why 5? The number 4 is Japanese sounds like the same word for death. It is nearly impossible to find a set of 4 of anything. Sake sets are set of 3 or more. Tea sets are sets of 3 or 5. That's why you see one sake decanter and 2 cups. That constitues a set of 3.

The dragonfly chopsticks are a family favorite. Each person has their own color and you can separate a pack to add as gift toppers. Girls love to wear the chopsticks in their hair. Of course they never use those sticks to eat with then. But they do make a nice self defense item with their shiny pointy tips. Here's hoping you don't need them to defend yourself! Enjoy!
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