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About Soshina

January 2019 | Thank you for your continued support over the years. We have had the online store since January 2006. We could not have made it without your word of mouth and social media referrals. We are excited to ramp things back up in 2019. 

Our inventory will increase however remember once we run out of an item, in most instances it is no longer available as many items are made in small batches, limited editions, colors, designs, and the quantities change daily.

One thing that stays constant is the quality of the family's tea.

We encourage you to add a purchase of tea to your order. You will not regret the decision. 

The family tea farm began in 1716. 

We are thrilled to be able to visit family, learn the history and heritage, stories of our relatives, visit the tea fields and learn all we could about the tea, the blends, the unique flavors and the culture of tea.   

Aojiru Ryokucha is best poured into a SMART water and shake it up and drink throughout the a 3-4 hour span. The tea often settles and you need to shake it up agian. It has been wonderful for the skin, energy levels and in some cases weight loss/control. Incredibly pure and of the finest quality green tea.

We appreciate each of you and your support of the Japanese culture and heritage. The holidays are upon us and again thank you again for your business. We look forward to happily shipping your order.

Soshina Japanese Home Store imports unique products made in Japan as well as small-farm teas from our family's tea business dating back to 1716. We are located in Northern California and ship worldwide.

The store grew out of the love and admiration we have for our mom, known to her grandchildren and many others as "Nana". The boy's and girl's name Nana is pronounced Na-na. It is of Ghanaian, Spanish and Japanese origin, and its' meaning is "Elder".

Nana's Japanese heritage is an important part of our family and we continue teaching our children the Japanese culture and traditions.

Many of our special moments with Nana occurred in the kitchen while learning how to make delicious Asian dishes or at the table enjoying a meal together.

There are many things about the Asian lifestyle and techniques in the kitchen that Nana taught us and there are many we still don't know how to do but that's part of our continuing education. We have most of her signature dishes down and even the "secret sauce" tastes just like her recipe.

Everyday is a celebration of Nana's life and meals at our table are engaging and fun.

We're so happy you found this little store and we look forward to shipping your order

We are sure you will find many little gifts for yourself and those close to you as you shop our Japanese Home Store.

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