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Japanese Ume Blossom
Ume Blossom Jubako
Our Price: $11.00

The red flowers and black lacquer over plastic are a striking combination. There are 2 compartments and can be used in a variety of ways.

Ume is Japanese for a species of Asian plum tree. The tree originated in China but has also grown in Japan and Korea. The tree is cultivated for its' plums and delicate flowers.

Organzing Tip: Use as a jewelry box or for precious keepsakes.

2.5" H
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Mini Stack Box with Flowers
Jubako Gold and White Ume Blossoms
Our Price: $12.00

The Mini Stack Box has a lacquer finish over plastic.
Gold Ume (cherry blossom) flowers adorn the black lacquerware box.
Store away precious keepsakes, jewelry and other treasured collectibles.
Collect them all for yourself or friends.

Details:  Lid with two compartments.
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Sakura Serving Tray
Sakura Lacquerware Serving Tray
Our Price: $38.00

Striking purple flowers on a black lacquerware platter contrast beautifully. The sakura shines brightly and the petals shimmmer in the light. Impressively crafted with exceptional curves and sophisticated workmanship. Made of lacquer over plastic in Japan it fits into any decor piece as well as functional.

Details: Tray Dimension (L 13" X W 10" X H 5/8")

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Butterfly Tray
Butterfly Lacquerware Tray
Our Price: $58.00

To be honest, this picture does not do the tray justice. The butterfly trays are smooth and shiny and the butterflies are delicately created on top of the tray with raised gold lines of the wings. As always the trays are made with great care and detail. Hard to find these pieces are functional as well as collectible.

* Measures 19" x 12" Food safe and featuring carry handles just gently wipe clean with soft cloth.
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Gold Rabbits Pink Hearts Tray
Usagi Black Lacquer Tray
Our Price: $80.00

WOW! Handpainted - Handmade - Hard work! Painted Gold Rabbits with a sprinkling of gold depicting grass and red and white hearts adorn this unique Japanese tray. Signed by the artist and featuring carry handles in case you want to actually use it for something. It's just too beautiful.

We only have 1 tray left. You cannot get this anywhere in the US. Trust us if we could get more we would. We had 3 - we now have one left. We should keep it for ourselves but it is for sale for now.

Shipping is a bit higher due to the size of the box holding the 18" tray.

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