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Chocolate Covered Pocky
Our Price: $2.50

Pocky is one of the oldest and most popular snacks in Japan. It's basically a 'biscuit stick' or 'wheat cracker' covered in a variety of different flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, almonds, pudding, etc. This light snack is delightfully addicting. Many people love this snack because it is non-greasy and the flavor coatings are never too sweet. This is a must-try for all Japanese snack lovers... you might be very impressed.

* 2 foil-packages containing 10 pocky bisquits 2.82 ounce
Our Price: $3.99

Oh the memories! Nana would always and I mean always buy pocky and cute lil' peko-chan milky toffee ball candy for her grandkids. Sometimes we tried to stop her -- for the dentist's sake but to no avail. We always caved in! Now we miss Nana trying to give the kids candy so we went out and found the candy in bulk!! Read more about the Peko-Chan phenomena. Soft, chewy fun!

* One bag - seems like more could fit so I would buy 2 bags if I were you!!
Also!!! New shipments come in often from Japan and oftentimes they change the picture on the bag without ever telling us so you may get a different picture of Peko Chan but it's the same great chewy surprise! Enjoy!!

Additional Information

Peko Chan
Peko Chan and Poko Chan Chocolate Lollipops
Our Price: $5.00

Peko and Poko Chocolate Lollipop

Beautifully crafted from three, different types of chocolate in the shape of Peko and Poko's faces. Peko and Poko are two cute little characters used to promote the products you see with Peko Chan famous Milky.

Details: $5.00 = 2 packages. Each package has two lollipops. One Peko and One Poko
Sometimes it is Peko Chan and Bear, リラックマ(Rilakkuma), also known as Relax Bear. The puppy's name comes from the words “relax” and “kuma”(the Japanese word for bear. It is always a surprise who will be in your package when you open it. Enjoy the delicious Japanese candy.