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Chopstick Rests
Ceramic Fish Chopstick Rests
Our Price: $3.75

Chopstick rests create the finishing touch to any Asian meal. Dress up your table and make it easier for you to enjoy noodle dishes, rice dishes, and sushi at home. Chopstick rests are as beautiful as they are useful. Chopstick rests help to keep your chopsticks clean by keeping the tips elevated off the surface of your table. Plus they also make it easier to pick your chopsticks up again. Sold individually. Made in Japan.
childrens chopsticks
Children's Learning Chopsticks
Our Price: $3.99

Pink Starter Chopsticks
Pink Starter Chopsticks
Our Price: $3.99

Great way to begin a lifetime of eating wth chopsticks. Sure, it is frustrating but over time you WILL improve and if you set the table with both a fork and chopsticks and just try each time you will master the art of holding chopsticks. There are many 'How-to' videos and step by step instructions to follow. Just relax and don't force yourself or your kids. Meal time is fun and you don't have to practice only when eating Asian foods. Use at any meal and try picking up your veggies with the sticks. Make it fun - start young and grow up eating with chopsticks.

p.s. You don't have to be a kid to buy these. You're never to old to learn something new.
Frog Chopstick Rests
Frog on Lily Pad Chopstick Rests
Our Price: $4.50

We think this frog has eyes for you!! Our googley-eyed frog has had enough to eat. Rest your chopsticks while he rests. He even rolls his eyes around for you to prove it! Ahhhh! A full tummy for both you and the frog!

If the quantity you need isn't available plase email us with the quantity you need and we can fill the order.
Bamboo Chopsticks Box
Bamboo Chopsticks Box
Our Price: $5.50

Lightly lacquered bamboo box. Box can hold one or two pairs of chopsticks.

Details: 11 9/16" x 1 3/16"
Dragonfly Chopticks
Dragonfly Chopsticks Set
Our Price: $24.00

5 pairs of Japanese wooden chopsticks adorned with gold and silver dragonflies. Why 5? The number 4 is Japanese sounds like the same word for death. It is nearly impossible to find a set of 4 of anything. Sake sets are set of 3 or more. Tea sets are sets of 3 or 5. That's why you see one sake decanter and 2 cups. That constitues a set of 3.

The dragonfly chopsticks are a family favorite. Each person has their own color and you can separate a pack to add as gift toppers. Girls love to wear the chopsticks in their hair. Of course they never use those sticks to eat with then. But they do make a nice self defense item with their shiny pointy tips. Here's hoping you don't need them to defend yourself! Enjoy!
Bamboo Prosperity Longevity Holder
Bamboo Prosperity Longevity Holder
Our Price: $25.00

No matter how you look at it this is a great choice either for yourself or as a gift! No two are alike! The black bamboo is handpainted on and looks great wherever you decide to use this unique piece. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity. Unique in color and shape the bamboo collectible can be found on executive desks, artists lofts, chef's kitchen countertops and in a garden. Wherever you choose to place your bamboo piece of art it will surely bring you inspiration.
* Uses include holder for chopsticks, office supplies, plants, artist brushes, makeup brushes, kitchen utensils and many more creative ways. How will you use yours?