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Mimi Kaki Bath Towel Pumice Stone
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Japanese Bath Product
Pumice Stone Nail Brush
Our Price: $2.99

Fits in the palm of your hand! Pumice stone uses vary!  Use as a pedicure exfoliate to aid in removing dry, rough skin.  Natural stone sloughs away dead skin cells on heels, knees and elbows while the nail brush works better than soap and water alone for cleaning under finger nails; where bacteria, dirt and other contaminants can become trapped.  The pumice stone is also ideal for cleaning calcium ring in toilets. Strong without scratching the porcelain.  Buy 2! One for you and one for cleaning. more info
Japanese Mimi Kaki for cleaning and entertaining the ear.
Japanese Mimi Kaki
Our Price: $4.50

What in the world is a Japanese mimi kaki ear scoop?

Japanese traditionally clean the wax from the insides of their ears with a small bamboo hook, called a mimi kaki. Also referred to as an ear ladle or misspelled as ladle or ear spoon. Psst...there's actually a category for mimi kaki fetish. It's for people who love to have their significant other clean their ears. There needs to be a high level of trust here or you could be hurt if you say the wrong thing.Hmmm...interesting?! No? YES!

As a parent this is a useful way to hold your child lovingly and use the soft, fluffy ball to caress in between a little cleaning. Good hygeine is very important in Japan - as it should be everywhere!

Now you can clean your ears in true Japanese style, with this set of two really cool traditional Japanese mimi kaki cleaners. Too little ear wax increases the risk of infection. Too much wax also increases the incidence of infection and hearing loss. So, you want just enough.

The smooth horn ear spoon will not harm the inner ear. One of the cleaners is smaller than the other and has a little wooden "Daruma" figure on it. The end of the longer cleaner has a soft, plush end for gently caressing your ear. ahh...see what you've been missing
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Japanese Bath Towel
Japanese Bath Towel
Our Price: $6.50

From the bath culture of Japan! The original, award winning invention not the cheaper, thinner, fake, knock-off! Create your own Onsen, Japanese word for Japanese Hot Springs, at home. Soft towel or rough loofah, textured for both tasks, 24" extra long baby blue or pink bath towel is made of slightly rough nylon. It is more sanitary than a loofah, more effective than a washcloth.

Ahhhh...the luxury. Your skin deserves the best.

*Arrives in Sealed Package *Imported from Japan
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