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Sushi Rolling Mats
Bamboo Sushi Mats
Our Price: $2.50

This bamboo rolling mat is made of slim, bamboo sticks woven together with string. Use it for rolling sheets of nori (roasted seaweed) around rice and other ingredients so that you end up with perfectly rolled sushi. Not making sushi tonight? That's OKAY! Use your sushi mats as decorative placemats and you will have an Asian theme in no time!
An absolute "must have!"

* Bamboo Mat Dimension (L 9-1/2" X W 9-1/2")
Bamboo Sushi May with Rice Paddle
Sushi Mat with Rice Paddle
Our Price: $2.99

The easiest and least expensive way to see if you enjoy making your own sushi. Our bamboo sushi mat and rice paddle kit gets you started in the right direction quickly. Pair it with our sushi rice seasoning and nori and you have the essentials for making all kinds of exotic sushi. Impress yourself and your friends in a matter of minutes.

* Sushi mat is 5' X 7"
Rice Scoop
Japanese Rice Paddle
Our Price: $3.75

Rice Server

  • 8" White Plastic Paddle

  • Non-stick

Bamboo Paddle
Bamboo Turner
Our Price: $7.95

Let's get cooking ---- TOGETHER! Our all-purpose long spatula for any type of food you're cooking. Bamboo is less absorbent than wood and therefore easier to keep clean and sanitary. It is also a sustainable resource. Safe for use on non-stick cookware surfaces.

  • Crafted from renewable-source bamboo for durable construction

  • Burnished during manufacturing process for a rich, smooth finish

  • Safe for all types of cookware, including nonstick finishes

  • Safe in the dishwasher; measures 14 inches long

We have several in the kitchen. One dating back over 20 years just like the 14" wooden turner. You need a few of each in the kitchen. Especially if you have several dishes going or are cooking with someone say a child, a friend or a significant other. Have a nice meal!

Details: 14" Length
Vegetable Peeler
Vegetable Peeler
Our Price: $7.95

Mini Grater, Slicer, Peeler, Fruit peeler...It is a great kitchen product from Japan! Only white slicer is available.

  • Broad bladed for peeling all kinds of fruits and vegetables

  • Easy-grip, comfortable handle

  • Double-sided blade made of durable stainless steel

  • Rust-free, stain-resistant, and dishwasher-safe

*Packaging changes every time we get more from Japan - so the plastic wrap may be different but the slicer is still the same - GREAT!
Miso Soup Strainer
Miso Soup Strainer
Our Price: $9.95

Stainless steel Miso Strainer for making miso soup. This 4 inch diameter miso strainer comes with a small pestle to push your miso paste through the strainer for smooth miso soup! Children love miso soup. It is especially good when you add steamed rice. The kids will gobble it up and ask for more.

* Includes simple recipe for delicious Miso Soup

Additional Information

Japanese Miso Soup Recipe
Porcelain Mortar and Pestle
Mortar and Pestle
Our Price: $11.00

So many ways to use it! Set includes one mortar and pestle. The Japanese call it a suribachi (also a volcanic bowl at Iwo Jima) and suricogi (wood pestle). The Mexicans call it a molcajete (seasoning bowl) and tejolote (from stone doll) for the pestle. It seems they originated the design, over 5,000 years ago, while the mortar and pestle appeared in Europe a mere 500 or so years ago.

If using your mortar & pestle as a pill crusher, we recommend porcelain (or glass, brass, or stainless steel) when used for more than one type of pill, because of their ease of cleaning without leaving residues. Wood is the least desirable material for pill crushing, because it is highly absorbent.

* Porcelain is the least likely to stain and it does well with foods that contain moisture. Can be easily cleaned and is dishwasher safe.

Additional Information

Mortar and Pestle or Suribachi and Surikogi
Spam Musubi Mold
Wooden Spam Musubi Press
Our Price: $18.00

A traditional wooden sushi press (sushi mold) from Japan of bamboo the spam musubi press is durable, fits better in your hands and molds the best spam musubi. If you cannot get to Hawaii then order from us and make your own!

3 piece mold
Size: 4" wide by 6 3/4" long
Japanese Nabe Pot
Donabe Hot Pot
Our Price: $30.00

A donabe is an earthenware casserole dish made from a special type of clay, and can go directly over the flame or in the oven. It retains and evenly distributes heat, and is attractive enough to go from the kitchen straight to the dinner table.

This donabe the larger of two sizes offered is decorated with images of the fugu, Japanese for blowfish. Delicious when properly prepared. Follow the recipe on this one!

* Made in Japan.
Mandolin Slicer
Our Price: $39.00

The Benriner Slicer is a professional piece of equipment that no chef should be without. Its sharp super high quality stainless steel blades provide a clean and sharp cut to any vegetable. It comes equipped with 4 different blades giving you the ability to slice in many various ways.The standard flat blade cuts perfect slices which can be easily adjusted for thickness. The fine toothed blade will help you create elegant vegetable garnishes for professional looking meals. Great for carrots, radishes, or any other firm vegetable. The medium toothed blade is excellent for quick and easy uniform stir-fry pieces that will cook up in a flash. Suitable for almost any vegetable- try onions, peppers, radishes, beets, zucchini, etc. The coarse toothed blade can make chunky and crisp cuts of vegetable or fruits. Great for potatoes, onions, radishes, cucumbers, carrots, apples, peaches, etc. The slicer also comes equipped with a safety device which comes in very handy when working with small pieces of produce. Helps to make good cooks better!

Product Description
Plastic shredder and slicer with an adjustable table for paper thin slices! Each mandoline comes with 3 sizes of knife quality interchangeable shredding blades and handy finger guard. The razor sharp slicing blade is ajustable to make paper thin slices or matchstick shreds. Easy to follow instructions included. 12 1/4 by 3 1/2 inches. (Easily comparable to the $200 French Mandoline except does not do waffle cut) You may receive green or ivory colored base depending on current stock.


  • 4 different stainless steel blades make the Benriner slicer great for all types of produce and various types of slices

  • Safety device included to protect fingers from blade

  • Double edged blade can cut in either direction

  • Easy adjustment for thickness of cut

Made in Japan