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Wood Sake Cup
Square Wooden Sake Cups
Our Price: $5.50

Wooden masu sake cup. Other unique uses include money or change trays, jewelty boxes, box or tray for collectibles. Stack and collect many for a beautiful display in you home, office or store.
* 3.5" x 3.5" x 2"
Sold individually.

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Japanese Sake Sets
Sake Set Bamboo
Our Price: $18.00

Bamboo - a symbol of strength and longevity. It bends and sways and doesn't break. A great way to think about how one should be in the business world or the world on general. Be flexible - see all sides - understand and then make informed decision. Share a sip of sake with a friend or business partner as you discuss important issues. Although you see people drink it all at once many prefer to sip and take their time. Try this approach next time you enjoy sake. more info
Geisha Sake Set
Geisha Sake Set
Our Price: $20.00

This smooth, cream-colored, ceramic sake set features a motif of beautifully hand-painted portraits of Japanese geisha in their multi-colored kimonos, traditional Japanese outer garments. The jug is also adorned with a brown border on its bottom and neck. The set comes with four cups. Perfect for collectors!

* Dishwasher safe. Imported from Japan.
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Japanese Sake Set
Blue Moon Sake Set
Our Price: $24.00

Our sake set includes one (1) decanter and four (4) cups. Toast to a long life with this black and blue sake set. Kanpai!


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What does KANPAI mean??
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Green Sake Set with Kanji
Green Sake Set
Our Price: $25.00

The lightly colored green ceramic sake set has a pretty crackle finish. The sake bottle and 4 cups comes gift boxed.

* Sake bottle 5 1/4" tall
* Cups: 2 1/4" diameter

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What does KANPAI mean?
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Yin Yang Symbol
Yin Yang Sake Set
Our Price: $26.00

One carafe and two cups featuring the yin yang symbol. Our mom would take a bottle of sake and place in a pot with water on the stove and heat it up. This is a great way to have warm sake without microwaving it and losing the authentic taste. There are many types of sake similar to wine tasting. Try a few different bottles to learn which ones work well with your palate.

It's always interesting to watch at dinner parties and Japanese restaurants who sips their sake and who drinks it all in one gulp. There's a time to do both - just use your common sense. And DON'T drink and drive. Take a cab!


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What Is the Meaning of the Yin Yang Symbol
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Blue Plum Blossom Sake Set
Blue Plum Blossom Sake Set
Our Price: $26.00

Stunning New Arrival!
Delicate yet dishwasher safe this gorgeous blue plum blossom sake set promises to taste and feel good going down. Sake enhances so many dishes why not pair it with your next meal.

* Sake bottle is approximately 4.5 inches tall and the 4 sake cups are 1.5 inches tall. Comes gift boxed.
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Cold Saki Carafe
Sake Carafe with 2 Sake Glasses
Our Price: $32.00

Beautiful glass sake carafe has an ocean blue inset for an ice cube to keep your sake ice cold without diluting it. Place several on the dining table for your guests. Remember unless dining alone, you shouldn't refill your own sake glass. Attentive gueszts should fill their tablemates glasses from time to time. Be thoughtful and pause before pouring to give your dinner guests a chance to decline.

Details 1.75 liters Come with 2 sake glasses
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