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Japanese Bancha
Sencha Japanese Green Tea

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Japanese green tea is also referred to as Bancha. It is the common green tea in Japan. It is harvested from the same tree as sencha grade, but it is plucked later than sencha. Typically it is lower priced and an everyday tea. The good news is that even as a Bancha this tea is superior to commercial brands. As you can see, the packaging is decorated with vibrant cherry blossoms and the foil package comes with the stay-fresh zipper seal. Although it is an everyday tea, it is still held to high standards and presented to you as a high quality tea. It's a great start to any day and is often a nice tea for the workplace. Impress your clients by offering more than a pot of coffee or a bland tea bag. Have a Soshina tea set on display and show your clients that there's no other place you would rather be than spending time with them enjoying tea from Japan.

* 100 grams per bag

Remember: Keep the temperature low (160-180 degrees), and steep for only 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Japan Sencha has a great lingering aftertaste. The second infusion (30 seconds to 1 min.) is also delicious. Don't steep too long or you may experience a metallic aftertaste. Pay attention to your tea while you make it. This is one area you don't want to multi-task. ENJOY!!

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